Food Truck Drives the FOX TV Brooklyn Nine-Nine Promotion

When LA’s FOX TV station wanted to introduced its new detective comedy, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, to the viewing public, it hired a food truck. First, the truck was rented from a food truck fleet owned by Michael Mikhail of Los Angeles. Next, it was covered in a colorful, vinyl wrap that featured photos of the TV […]

Lights, Action And Cue The Food Truck

For several years, food trucks have been big hits on street corners nationwide, and many gourmet trucks cater everything from fund-raising galas and society weddings to movie productions and video shoots. But in addition to serving delicious food, food trucks are moving in front of the TV and movie cameras to become a visible part […]

Food Trucks Are Luring Busy Diners From Fast-Food Restaurants

Tyler Florence, the host of the Food Network’s “The Great Food Truck Race,” predicted this would happen when describing food trucks as “the new answer to American fast food.” And that prediction is coming true. Food trucks are luring some hungry consumers away from fast-food and quick-serve restaurants (QSRs). A recent consumer report by The […]

Could You Succeed In The Food Truck Business?

Everyone loves food trucks, and people who are good cooks often imagine what it would be like to have their own food truck business. It sounds ideal. Be your own boss. Cook the foods all your friends have raved about. Travel around your favorite city. Meet foodies on the street. And make a lot of […]

Chow Down With Friends At A Food Truck Festival

In the beginning, food trucks were a novel way to enjoy a fast lunch on the street. But today’s food trucks are an organized group, and when several food trucks park together at a convenient location, the result is an unofficial food court and social gathering. But organized food truck festivals are a fun thing […]

How Los Angeles Became The Nation’s No. 1 Food Truck City

Modern-day food trucks rambled into Los Angeles in the late 2000s, feeding fabulous foods to people on the street and giving young chefs a new way to demonstrate their creativity and individuality. The trucks immediately attracted large numbers of hungry fans that loved seeing the transformation of the stereotypical “roach coach” into a quality mobile […]

Luxury Hotels Jump On The Food Truck Band Wagon

They have professional kitchens and a huge staff of foodservice employees, but they still love having food trucks on the premises. We’re talking about top-rated hotels that are offering food truck cuisine to their guests. The Marriott Orlando Grande Lakes, the Ritz-Carlton Orlando Grande Lakes and the Fairmont at Newport Beach have each hired gourmet […]

Food Truck Promos Are Wrap Stars

Most people think of food trucks as rolling restaurants that serve food to people on the street. But that’s only one thing they can do. Food trucks are being used as promotional tools to showcase new products and services for major brands. Companies that have used food trucks to promote their products include everyone from […]