How Los Angeles Became The Nation’s No. 1 Food Truck City

Modern-day food trucks rambled into Los Angeles in the late 2000s, feeding fabulous foods to people on the street and giving young chefs a new way to demonstrate their creativity and individuality. The trucks immediately attracted large numbers of hungry fans that loved seeing the transformation of the stereotypical “roach coach” into a quality mobile […]

Luxury Hotels Jump On The Food Truck Band Wagon

They have professional kitchens and a huge staff of foodservice employees, but they still love having food trucks on the premises. We’re talking about top-rated hotels that are offering food truck cuisine to their guests. The Marriott Orlando Grande Lakes, the Ritz-Carlton Orlando Grande Lakes and the Fairmont at Newport Beach have each hired gourmet […]

Food Truck Promos Are Wrap Stars

Most people think of food trucks as rolling restaurants that serve food to people on the street. But that’s only one thing they can do. Food trucks are being used as promotional tools to showcase new products and services for major brands. Companies that have used food trucks to promote their products include everyone from […]

Food Truck Wedding Receptions: Fun, Fantastic And Economical

Today’s modern food trucks are ideal caters for a wedding reception. Because they are kitchens on wheels, food trucks can prepare foods at the reception location and serve it up on the spot. By hiring more than one truck, newlyweds can have several food stations at their reception, offering guests a diverse selection of foods […]

Food Trucks Serve The Most Important Meal of the Day

Everyone knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Adults need good nutrition in the a.m. to keep them alert through the morning, and kids need it to support their growing bodies and developing brains. Regularly skipping breakfast to save time or calories (or get a few extra minutes of sleep) will […]

Frysmith Food Truck: The Focus Is On Fries

For husband-and-wife team Erik Cho and Brook Howell, it’s all about the fries. Cho and Howell own Frysmith, an LA food truck that uses fried potatoes as the platform for each dish. Instead of ketchup, the team tops the fries with combos ranging from organic tomatoes, mixed beans and soy chorizo to fiery spices, onions […]

Burger Trucks Bring An American Classic To The Streets

The hamburger was introduced at the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair. It was an immediate sensation and for decades has been an American classic. Despite today’s concern over obesity and enthusiasm for the go-green trend, the U.S. Fast Food Market Outlook for 2010 reported that U.S. burger consumption has been on the rise for several […]

Grill ‘Em All Food Truck Morphs Into A Traditional Restaurant

LA’s Matt Chernus and Ryan Harki, successful hamburger food-truck entrepreneurs, recently opened a bricks-and-mortar location, dubbed Valhalla, in the Alhambra Renaissance Center in Alhambra. Chernus and Harkins say their Grill ‘Em All food truck experience was great fun but they had their eyes set on opening a restaurant all along. The new eatery serves up the most […]