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Why Los Angeles Is Home To The Food Truck Revolution

It has long been known that California and Los Angeles more specifically has been the home to the LA Food Truck revolution that is taking over the nation and is indeed encouraging the rest of the world to follow suit. The unique nature of Los Angeles’ cross-cultural offerings is probably what inspired those who have been […]

Why Has Food Catering Become A Trend In Los Angeles?

Everybody knows that the concept of Food Truck emerged from America, and the lead in this is shown by Los Angeles. If you stay in Los Angeles, then you must take a look at the food truck services booming everywhere. You will be amazed to see the types of dishes these food trucks cater. Forget […]

What To Consider When Hiring An LA Food Truck For Your Wedding

With the rise of food trucks, the face of Los Angeles catering changed forever. These trucks aren’t just a source of a quick meal during your lunch break anymore. Today, they’re a fixture at all sorts of events – including weddings! If you’re thinking of booking a truck like the Hungry Nomad for your nuptials, […]

Let A Food Truck Caterer Handle Your Wedding Rentals

Food trucks are famous for creating delicious dishes, often made from non-traditional food combinations. That’s a big reason they are often called on to cater wedding receptions, rehearsal dinners and bridesmaids luncheons.  But did you know that your gourmet food truck caterer can arrange for all those things you’ll need to rent … and then […]